The Builder

Feise Select Homes

Journey to Home Builder

Adam learned young watching his grandfather renovate and invest in properties.  He watched his father farm and learned that hard work begins with family. By the time Adam graduated high school he had participated in a program to build two homes. Over time Adam followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and worked as a lineman, while he went back to school to become a paramedic.   Throughout this all he kept his skills sharp helping out on renovations and eventually taking on full home builds.  When Adam became a full-time Firefighter for North St. Louis County, he made his commitment to helping people in their hours of need.  As a home builder, he is committed to building safe, strong, and carefully constructed homes to meet all standards and safety needs. 

Feise Select Homes

Craft Custom Homes

We build custom homes for customers that know what they want and know the quality they want. As a small builder in a big builder world, we are proud to offer a unique high-quality building experience expertly managed from idea to finished project.

Why Feise Select Homes?

Old Fashion Attention to Detail and Work Ethic

Adam Feise has the outlook traditional custom builder and will build your home with strong attention to detail that will make the difference in something built to last.

Craft Custom Home Builder

The limited number of projects allowed at one time ensures that each is given its full custom details and attention to ensure the quality of the outcome as a custom product.

Built for Longevity and Safety

As a first responder, Adam makes sure each build or renovation takes into consideration things like the wideness of hallways and accessibility considerations to age in place.

Discounts to Military and First Responders

Adam works personally with military members and their families as well as first responders to provide a discount in honor of their service.

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